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Coronation Street The Tour

Coronation street tour Manchester

If you are a fan of the television show then you should not miss the chance to visit Coronation Street’s set at the Granada studios in Manchester. It is currently open to the public for six months starting April 5. A minibus Bolton company can take you there.

While the TV show already moved to a new set at MediaCity UK, there are still plenty to see in the Manchester set. The tour of the Coronation Street set starts in the green room, where the cast members relax and socialise. It is said that staff members are not allowed in it. There are several items on display in the green room, including a script for Ryan Thomas.

After the green room, the next stop is the corridor of the stars or the dressing rooms. There are three floors of dressing rooms, but the tour only allows viewing of the ground floor units. Dressing rooms of Beverley Callard and William Roache are close to the entrance to Stage One.

The Next Part

The next part of the Coronation Street, the Tour is the costume and makeup section. According to the guide, male stars are given 15 minutes in the makeup chair, and female cast members take 30 minutes.

In Stage One, tour visitors will watch a video montage of famous Coronation Street moments, and then they are seeing the interior of Carla’s previous flat on Weatherfield Quays. They will also see the Platt family’s front room and kitchen. Visitors also see the interior of the Rovers Return. Visitors exit through the Rovers’ lavatory doors and into the Underworld factory, the barge interior, as well as the Duckworth front room.

The tour then takes the visitors to see the famous costumes such as Deirdre’s glasses, Roy’s beige anorak and train collection, and Hayley’s floral coffin. At the production suites, we’ll see a Christmas tree in the corner, and various emails producer Stuart Blackburn wrote to cast members to wish them a happy holiday season. The Coronation Street the Tour ends at Nick’s Bistro that leads to the cobbled streets. It is something that will elicit nostalgia to fans. It is truly a wonderful experience for Coronation Street fans.

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