Alternative Music Scene Manchester


Manchester is a city with a rich musical culture and history, and has been the home of some of the most beloved bands of recentAlternative Music years. They have hosted some truly incredible arts and if you like the sounds they produce then the alternative music scene Manchester has to offer is absolutely outstanding. There’s hundreds of bands going around at the moment and a large portion of them are very good indeed.

If you want to take in some of the finest alternative music scene venues that the city has to offer, then we can help you find the best gigs for you and offer a minibus service to get everyone there and back. Arranging a convenient meeting point, everyone will set out to the venue of your choosing – whether it’s the Dog Bowl or Satan’s Hollow, or one of the many other alternative venues out there – and then we will get you all back home safe and sound after a wild night!

Better Than Mainstream

Sticking with the mainstream and the typical things that we all usually do can be pretty boring, and changing it up with something a little more out there can be a great experience. If you are new to the alternative music scene Manchester is so proud of then you really do need to make your way down! There’s so much variety in the style of bands in Manchester that regardless of your musical preferences, you’ll find something that matches what you are looking for.

In Manchester, music has always played a key role in the cities culture and style and if you want to experience one of the most “tuned up” cities in the country then hiring a minibus to make your way down is the perfect way to find something that you’ll truly enjoy.

The gig listings are changing all the time in Manchester and whether it’s an independent name or somebody a little more recognized that you wish to go and see, the alternative music scene will provide you with something that is genuinely going to thrill you!

Don’t let your potential for having a great night be ruined by logistics – rather than deal with irritating taxis or trying to arrange public transport back home from a night at a gig, why not let us help you out instead? ST Minibus Hire has more than eight years of experience in offering happy endings to any night out.