Manchester Tuk Tuk Rental

Swinton Travel is proud to offer tuk tuk rental for use in advertising, commercials, film, and other art or promotional work. Popular in Asia for over 50 years, the tuk tuk is a popular means of stylish, open-air transportation. Taking inspiration from human powered rickshaws of Japan and China and molding them with the World War 2-era style of popular scooters such as the Piaggio Ape, tuk tuks have seen a growing resurgence in popularity in the last decade.

These motorized tricycles have grown a cult following for use not only as an efficient means of transportation, but for use in advertising and artistic projects. Swinton Travel offers Tuk Tuk rental to the artistic community and advertising industry in and around Manchester.

Manchester Tuk Tuk Rental for Artists, Photographers, and Filmmakers.

You can hire our tuk tuk for a variety of artistic and promotional ventures, including:

  • Fashion photography shoots.
  • Filming television commercials.
  • Major motion picture filming.
  • To draw attention to your storefront.
  • Wedding or engagement photography shoots.

Tuk Tuk Rental for Small Businesses in Manchester.

Creating an eye-catching option to draw foot traffic to your small business can be extremely difficult. Marketing agencies are paid millions of pounds each year to accomplish just that. We understand that small businesses don’t have the budget to spend on developing elaborate point of entry displays.

To draw attention to your booth at an industry trade show.
Place our tuk tuk in front of your store to draw attention.
Host “get your photo taken in a tuk tuk” events to draw people to your place of business.

The uses for our tuk tuk rental are limited only to your imagination. Swinton Travel has an exciting option for you. Growing in popularity for their use in film and television, proms, weddings, birthdays, stag nights, hen parties, and more, these exotic vehicles can drive sidewalk traffic to your business.

Contact the team at us today to discuss your Tuk Tuk Rental needs for your project. Our friendly, customer first staff will work hard to mutually develop a solution that will be very beneficial for your artistic endeavor or advertising project. You’ll be sure to turn heads!

Please note that we do not currently offer Tuk Tuk rental for chauffeured travel or private transportation.