Coronation Street Tour

Coronation Street TourSoap operas have long played a key part in UK culture and have been a regular on the main TV channels for years. However, Coronation Street is without a doubt the most recognized of the soaps and has produced some truly memorable storylines over the years. If you and some of your friend are big Corrie fans, have you ever thought about taking a tour of the actual street? This isn’t some urban myth – you can easily do this with the help of Minibus Hire Manchester!

We know the script when it comes to putting on quality minibus hire services, especially for tours. We can prepare our arrival and exit times around what suits you best, and can make sure that everyone gets picked up and home safe & sound. The Coronation Street tour is a big part of coming to the city for a lot of tourism fans, and with more than fifty years of history within the cobles you can really learn everything you need to know about Coronation Street!

Fascinating facts about the production and creation of the show will come to light and you’ll get to visit your favorite parts of the town, whether it’s the Rovers Return or the post office that Norris guards so quizzingly. The cast of Coronation Street have made it what it is, but the show would not be the same without the setting – so if you are all into a bit of Coronation Street, why not book up the tour?

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We can make travel to and from Manchester as simple as it possibly can be, so that you can get all get there, see the tour, do everything you want and get back up the road all in good time to catch the next episode! Our minibus hire service can be left to your own needs and requirements so that you can set up a package that suits you all perfectly, and we can give you a competitive price for the service to make everyone happy.

If you are looking to arrange a minibus transport to the Coronation Street tour then make sure that you arrange one all in good time through the day. You want to have as long as possible to take in the entire street and you never know, you might just catch a glimpse of one of your favorite actors or actresses as they work around the street!