Haworth Home of the Bronte Sisters


If you are a reader of the classics dating back to the Bronte Sisters then you will love this trip.

Haworth Parsonage became home to Patrick Bronte and his wife Maria in 1820, as well as their six children.

The Dining Room is the place where the sisters did most of their writing. Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and Agnes Grey were all written in this room. Apparently, their routine every evening was to walk around the table planning their next novel or project. There is also a black sofa in this room, where it is believed to be the place where HowarthEmily Bronte died.

In Mr Bronte’s study, you will see the piano that was used by his children. The kitchen was the place where Tabby, their servant, would tell the children stories about Haworth and its surrounding moors. When their Aunt passed away, Emily took over as the housekeeper and would help out in this kitchen.

When the family first moved into the house the children used to play in the room known as the Children’s Study. At this time, the room was a lot wider, but was made narrower to make more room in the bedrooms as the children got older. The children started their writing talent in this room, as they would tell their stories to one another, such as Gondal and Angria.

What a great place to visit with all its history and stories that it could tell. If you choose to visit this home of the Bronte Sisters, you will be given a tour of the house and learn what each room was used for, as well as learn more about the lives of the family. Not only will you get to view the rooms that these sisters lived in, but also the paintings that were painted by their brother Branwell.


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