Stranded Because Your Mobility Scooter as Broken Down

Wheelchair Accessiable MinibusIf you use a mobility scooter every day, you are probably well aware of what can happen. Maybe the battery has died, or some other technical problem as occurred, and you are now thinking “How am I going to get home?” This can be quite scary when you are out and about on your own.

What you need to do is carry ST minibus hire’s phone number around with you. If you ever get into a situation where you can’t get home, call us, and someone will be there as soon as they can, to help you out.

ST minibus hire has vehicles equipped for this sort of problem. Our friendly drivers will be there as quick as possible, so that you are not left on your own for too long. If the battery has just simply run out of charge, then our drivers will take you safely back home. If your scooter seems to have a more serious problem, and you know someone who repairs it for you, they will take you there, also. The sooner your mobility scooter has been repaired, the sooner you can regain your independence again.

Our drivers at ST minibus hire are very serious about their jobs. We will not let you down, and arrive by the quickest route possible. They know Manchester’s roads very well, and can find ways to get to you even through the rush hour. Stuck with your shopping too, no problem, our competent drivers will help you with that, too.

Our drivers are handpicked by qualified staff to give our customers the best service. They have been trained to use the fixtures of our minibuses, to get your scooter aboard and on your way in no time at all.

Keep Our Number Handy

So, remember to get the following number into your phone, diary or whatever you carry around with you as soon as possible. The sooner you ring, the sooner someone can be out there to rescue you. Now you don’t have to worry about breaking down ever again.

Telephone: 0161 959 1649

Not only are our minibuses equipped to take mobility scooters, but they are also fitted for wheel chair access. If you like our service, maybe you would like us to take you somewhere that do not allow scooters. Whatever your needs, our staff at ST minibus hire will treat you with the respect and care you deserve.