Football Trips Manchester

Manchester is one of the true homes of football in the United Kingdom. The city has a very rich history and a large part of that history is the football played both in, and by, the city. Manchester United football club are a very well-known club with some of the best players around and, until recently, perhaps the greatest football manager of all time in Sir Alex Ferguson. Their home ground of Old Trafford is one of the major tourist destinations of anyone who comes to Manchester. You also can’t mention football in Manchester without hearing a lot about the other team in Manchester, Manchester City. They’re just as well known in the city and doing very good in the football world. The friendly rivalry between the two teams is a popular story in the football world. ST Minibus Hire Manchester offer trips not just to Old Trafford, but also the Etihad Stadium of Manchester City and the National Football Museum in Manchester.


Old TraffordManchester Football

Everyone who knows anything about football in the United Kingdom has undoubtedly heard of Old Trafford. Known as “The Theatre of Dreams” by Bobby Charlton, a name taken on by the fans, it’s the home stadium of the world famous Manchester United football club. It’s become such a popular tourist destination that there is always something going on there even when it’s not a game day. It remains a place that’s always worth visiting, especially if you are a football fan. You don’t even need to be a Manchester United fan to appreciate everything that has happened at Old Trafford. ST Minibus Manchester offers not just a trip to the stadium, but also a tour of the place. See the dressing room, the stand named after famous manager Sir Alex Ferguson, and everything there is to see with your own eyes.


Etihad Stadium

Etihad Stadium is perhaps a little less known, but that doesn’t take away any of the appeal of the stadium. Manchester City moved there in 2003 and have really made it their own since. It’s a stadium with a lot of history for you to explore with a tour offered by ST Minibus Hire. The tour of Etihad stadium also includes touring the Velodrome, also known as the national cycling centre and one of the stops during the Commonwealth Games. Also on offer is a tour of the Aquatics Centre. The Aquatics Centre was built just for the Commonwealth Games and is now home to the Manchester University canoe club.


National Football Museum

Manchester is also home to the National Football Museum. It was founded in 2001 and has come to hold a lot of different football memorabilia and history within its walls. There’s a lot of objects on display and a lot of history contained within those walls.


If you’re a football fan of any kind you owe it to yourself to take one, if not all, of the football tours available through us here at ST Minibus Manchester.