Man-Made Beach At Granada Studios

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Man-Made Beach At Granada Studios

World Cup

For the people of Manchester who failed to make it to Brazil for World Cup, there is a man-made beach at Granada Studios. if you are regretting that you have not managed to make it to the famous beach of Rio de Janeiro, then  let those regrets be bygones because you can actually experience the same feeling of being in South America just by visiting Granada Studios Manchester. Granada Studios site is located on Quay Street in Manchester has now been converted into a Brazilian-like beach. It gives the same feeling and taste of being in South America from the atmosphere, environment, and also the foods. If you require minibus hire to experience the conversion narrated here. Being on the beach now seems like being on Rio de Janeiro beach during this World Cup tournament.

There are two big screens with high video resolution to give football spectators 100% 0_0_460_http___offlinehbpl_hbpl_co_uk_News_OVE_Football_jpg-20140605025811168satisfaction of watching games. Don’t feel sad you did not make it to Brazil. You can actually have great days in Manchester at the Granada Studios on Quay Street. It is the only place offering the fun that you would have in Rio de Janeiro in South America. Furthermore, it is certainly a place to be and experience that fun you think you are missing out by not being in Brazil. Watching football matches at home does not compare to watching them at Granada Studios. Tickets of more than 75 000 have already been sold to interested football spectators in Manchester City who want to watch soccer matches at the place resembling the Brazilian beach. With a 16 seater minibus hire, those fans make it to the place on a daily basis when matches play.

limited tickets

However, there are few available tickets on entry on a daily basis when matches play throughout the tournament. Do not miss out on those few tickets left. No matter how long it is from your home, take a minibus hire with your friends to the place for some fun. The man-made beach contains sand of about 450 tonnes of imported sand. This sand was brought in to resemble the beach in Rio de Janeiro. There are surrounding stands as well for fans to sit while watching the favourite games. 2500 people can be accommodated on the seats of those stands. In addition to watching the soccer matches in Brazil World Cup, there are soccer teams that will be competing between the matches. They will compete on the beach. This is definitely a place to be to soak up the excitement of a World Cup. There is no need to worry about food because Brazilian foods will be offered by a renowned popular restaurant in Manchester. Drinks are also being served.

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