Parklife festival- the best two day festival there is!

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Parklife festival- the best two day festival there is!

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This vibrant festival situated in Heaton Park, Manchester, is a must for any festival goer. From dawn till dusk, the two day festival was consistently brilliant both days and kept you from wanting to go to sleep and miss a moment! What you will get form the brochures is that it is held in one of the largest parks in Europe and that it has been open to the public since 1902, but this doesn’t really give you the true perspective of what this festival is all about. It doesn’t tell you about how this park goes from just your generic national park to the biggest party in just a matter of days, possibly even the largest party central in the United Kingdom for 2 very interesting nights.
Let’s get started by talking about the creative minds behind this spectacle that is that is Parklife festival. Their energy and focus really delivery in terms of how sincere and special the festival is. This is testament to the vibe amongst the crowd, whether this was at the main stage, the tents or ambling around near the toilet cubicles. You felt good being there, comfortable and safe, all things that can be lost at a festival.

Let The Professionals Take Care Of Travel

Travelling to and from the festival is made even easier due to its location and the amount of support from companies in and around Manchester. I personally went with a lovely small firm called Swinton Travel they gave an exceptional rate and would even take me my friends and all of our gear. For a 16 person bus with all the room we would ever need to compensate our group of 10 we paid 7 pounds each and for that they picked us up and took us directly to the festival gates. They even helped with loading and unloading our gear which was a bonus.
Once at the festival the experience really engulfs and immerses you into the part atmosphere. From our camp site we could hear the music blasting from the main stage, and making it extremely difficult to just stand there and put up our tents without joining in the fun.
The main stage is epic and can have an audience of around 5000 standing and watching, helped by massive screens if you don’t make it far enough forward to see the act on the stage. Although if you try hard enough the crowd is refreshed frequently so everyone gets their chance at seeing the acts close up. This isn’t the only stage though, another stage the baauer is a 3500 capacity tent that creates a real rave atmosphere and makes the music all the sweeter as its amplified and bounced around this tent.
Every year that this festival is held the acts always seem to be enjoying themselves and want to be there. This obviously adds to it as the more the acts want to be there, the more you do and the more you want to come back again and again. There is nothing I would change about this festival experience and would recommend it to everyone.

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