Take a Trip to the Garden Kitchen at Clitheroe


If you are a gardener or not, there is still plenty to enjoy here. This newly built building belongs to Holden Clough Nursery, and has recently added a farm shop and a tearoom.

This new building blends in nicely with its surroundings, and the theme of the nursery. A grand stone fireplace has been built in the centre of the room, and on the walls, you can see all sorts of things to do with gardening, such as tools and memorabilia.

If you fancy a day out, to the Garden Kitchen, you can stroll around the gardens then pop into the tearoom for afternoon tea, or even lunch depending on when you arrived. They get all the food that they serve in the kitchen locally, so it is fresh every day. If you arrived in the morning, you will be served breakfast if you wish.

If the weather is nice, and you feel like eating outdoors why not try their Afternoon Picnic. You need to book in advance if you want this menu, to avoid any disappointment. Garden Kitchen

If you are an avid gardener, or are just starting out there is a lot on offer. Take a walk through the nursery and browse through all the plants imaginable, including shrubs and trees.

If you go in spring, you will be able to choose your summer bulbs, such as freesia as well as ferns, climbers and grasses. If you choose to visit the nursery in autumn, you can pick out your spring bulbs, such as daffodils, tulips, snowdrops and iris.

If you have a pond or some kind of water feature, you can even buy some aquatic plants to brighten it up. Many people like to start a kitchen garden of their own. This can include herbs, such as thyme and basil.

If you have a large garden, you will most likely have some room for trees. Here you can buy many kinds of trees that will give you fruit, as well as Alpines to line driveways.

Whatever you choose, depending on the gardener you are you will not be stuck for choice.

How to Get There

Now you may be wondering how you are going to get to such a place. Manchester minibuses will take you there and bring you home again for just £200. Our minibuses will seat 16 people and are very spacious and comfortable. Therefore, if there is a group of you wishing to visit, there is no need to worry. We also supply a door-to-door pick up service. If you are planning on an Afternoon Picnic at the Kitchen Garden, you need to make this known when booking, so that our driver can get you there on time.

What are you waiting for; book one of our minibuses today.