Minibus Hire To Liverpool

Here at ST Minibus Manchester our main focus is of course the city of Manchester. We’re also willing to venture out a little further though and offer trips to the nearby city of Liverpool. Liverpool is close to Manchester in terms of history and population, and has a whole list of achievements all its own. There’s so much to see and do in Liverpool that we really couldn’t fit in to one single tour and as such a few different tours are available to anyone looking to experience Liverpool.

Home of The Beatles

Cavern Club Liverpool

Everyone knows who the Beatles are; Paul, George, Ringo, and John. Perhaps one of the most famous music acts to come out of the United Kingdom the Beatles made their home in Liverpool and the city is perhaps most famous for being the home of the Beatles. Outside of the Beatles the city has continued to develop other musicians and has become a city that dedicates a lot of effort to the arts and has gone on to become one of the arts capitals of the country. Any fan of the arts would find something about Liverpool to enjoy.


One of the other destinations available on the Liverpool tours is the fabulous Spaceport. Spaceport is a £10 million attraction that’s sure to satisfy any nerd who has an interest in outer space. There is a planetarium with an incredibly immersive show for all ages that shows the heavens above and shows you the wonder and majesty of the world above ours. Outside of that there is also a time travellers exhibition for fans of the science fiction show Doctor Who; a cult classic and one of the most popular programs to have come out of the United Kingdom. A full size Observatory caps off the experience as something you can’t afford to miss. Thanks to ST Minibus Manchester you won’t have to.

Any Group Size

As with all of the tours available on our site; we can handle groups of any size thanks to the wide array of buses and cars we have available to us. We can handle a small group of dedicated music fans to a whole science class of schoolchildren. No matter how big or small the group you want to take, rest assured knowing that ST Minibus Hire Manchester can take care of it for you. Be sure to give us a call or make an online enquiry to book your tour today for one of the best Liverpool experiences you could possibly imagine. See everything the great city has to offer and get it all done within a day with ST Minibus Hire Manchester.