Zombie Manor, Warrington


Zombie Manor WarringtonDo you want a day out you’ll remember forever? Do you want all you transport taken care of? Then the Zombie Experience at Zombie Manor, Warrington is for you! Just a short journey from Manchester, this is not for the faint hearted. We can supply your minibuses here. You will take on the role of investigator, searching for scientists that have vanished from a top secret facility in deepest Cheshire! Your task will be to clear the manor house and 65 acres of killer zombies.

The idea of ‘zombies’ and films/dramas centred around them, really are a massive part of popular culture at the moment. Zombies are almost always thought of as mindless, rotting corpses, bought ‘back to life’ (almost) with a craving for human flesh. Films such as Night of the Living Dead and books such as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein were some of the earlier influences, but in modern times zombies are popping up everywhere even in comedy with Shaun of the Dead being extremely popular.

Once In A Life Time

The venue for this once in a lifetime experience is a secluded manor – once a grand house, then a top secret research facility; and now a zombie infested house that will have you jumping out of your skin! Your role will be to rid the site of these evil, wretched creatures – but how? Well, you will be given some hard hitting training before you enter the house.

A quick lesson in weaponry and hand to hand combat will stand you in good stead! Once you are inside the manor you will find yourself crawling through winding hallways and passageways in the dark, not to mention over sixty acres of gardens you’ll have to contend with – never knowing when you are going to come across one of the great un-dead! You will also explore the medical research facilities, woodlands and even a deserted swimming pool. You will need your torch as you enter the pitch black basements and smoke filled buildings – while the makeshift morgues will have you wondering if this is make believe or reality! The building and grounds really make you feel that you are miles away from the ‘real world’ but you will certainly have a sense that you are not alone!

This fantastic day out will last over 2 hours – but you may be having nightmares for weeks to come… This is obviously a fantastic location for a special birthday treat with friends, maybe to celebrate graduation or a stag party – the list is endless. However the venue also runs corporate team building events, designed to encourage stronger workplace relationships and encourage colleagues to work with their strengths instead of focusing on their weaknesses. When you are to sacred to drive home and don’t want to be left here then make sure you have pre booked your transport with us. We offer a Taxi here for as little as £12.50 each way each person so its not worth getting left behind with the zombies.