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Manchester Science Festival

Science Festival

ST Minibus Hire Manchester recommends the annual festival opens on 24 October and runs until 3 November, celebrating its 7th year with an exciting and educational walk through the wonders of the scientific world. Visitors will have the opportunity to play and experiment with science through a variety of installations & experiences; as well as hands-on experiments at over 100 events being held at different venues throughout Greater Manchester. The festival will feature many wonders of the world from the beauty of a microbe, to designer Helen Storey’s unique installation which allows visitors to interact with real eyes. The point of the festival is to allow the public as ‘non-scientists’ to look at science differently and appreciate just how much it affects our day to day lives.

One highlight is sure to be “Brains – The Mind as Matter”, being held at the Museum of Science & Industry. This fascinating exhibition asks not what our brains do for us, but what we have done to our brains through medical intervention, scientific research and changes in technology. The exhibition features real brains, videos, artworks and photography and is a free event. Another event worth a look is “Ice Lab: New Architecture and Science in Antarctica” – this is the first ever exhibition to focus on the architecture of Antarctica and features drawings, models, photographs and films that allow visitors to experience what it’s like to live and work in Antarctica. You can also discover more about the design of five research stations at Antarctica, including the British station, Halley VI. You will learn about the unique and diverse science that takes place on the frozen continent – from the 4.5 billion year old meteorites that represent the formation of the solar system, to drilling ice cores which contain bubbles of ancient air – amazingly revealing the long and varied history of the earth’s climate.

Something For Everyone

The whole event has something for everyone and is certainly family friendly – a good choice for the kids is the ‘Science Spectacular’, being held at The University of Manchester on 2 November, which will allow the youngsters to take part in some interesting science challenges. You can go on a journey through the human body, investigate the Moon and get up close and personal with some creepy crawlies!! You can also meet the scientists and engineers carrying out the research and take part in a host of other activities through the day.

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