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March 24, 2017
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March 24, 2017
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Museum of Science and Industry


Museum of Science and Industry

When it comes to enjoying the unique and exciting city of Manchester, it becomes very easy to get used to what makes it so fun to be around when you look at the sights it has to offer. Not only is the city known for its unique culture and excellent attention to modern culture, but the city of Manchester also carries a tradition for science, industry, and improvement of society. This is a city with a rich history in the development of the UK and Europe as a whole, and that shines through when you come and visit the excellent Museum of Science and Industry.

It’s a place that makes it incredibly easy to enjoy seeing the changing times that have taken place in a relatively short space of time. Found over on Liverpool Road, the Museum of Science and Industry makes a wonderful choice for enjoying something a little different. Based right in the first industrial city of the world, this makes the perfect place for such an important homage to the industry that has made the city of Manchester so famous all across the world.

Housing the oldest surviving passenger railway station and also the first ever railway warehouse from the 1830s, the museum site offers an excellent way for you to take in a fantastic part of culture. Without this kind of industry and change, there is no knowing what kind of state the world would be in today; make the most of what Manchester has provided the world with a quick and easy trip back down to this absolutely fantastic landmark.

Taking a Trip to the Museum of Science and Industry

One of the best parts of a visit to this unique location is that it’s so easy. We provide professional Manchester minibus hire that gets you here nice and quickly; no waiting around, no delays. We’ll make sure that you can come down here and look at the museum for as long as you like – we’ll stick around you need us, getting everyone home safe and sound.

Whether its bringing a class of students here for an educational lesson in a vital part of Mancunian history or you just want to arrive with friends and family, we can do just that for you. Contact us today and we’ll arrange the details of your trip to ensure the museum can be seen in all its glory.

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