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March 24, 2017
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GMP Museum Tour

GMP Tour

GMP Museum

When it comes to the city of Manchester, one part that has always made it stand out so much is the safety of the city. An immensely friendly and welcoming place, anyone can come to Manchester and blend in with the incredibly friendly and warm people. It’s a city that prioritizes making sure people can feel as comfortable in the cityscape as possible. That comes not just from an open minded culture and a great personality that runs through the whole city; it comes from the fantastic job that the police have always done here.

Greater Manchester Police are one of the most revered units of the British police, and the GMP Museum for that reason makes a wonderful city. Come here and you take part in a 1-2-hour museum visit that makes it easy for you to see the incredible work that the wonderful officers of Manchester have been doing for so many years.

It’s a great museum, and one that you can easily hop onto the bus to come down and see. If you would like to enjoy spending time in the city and doing some learning while you are here, make sure the Greater Manchester Police Museum is right up there.

In terms of the depth of information provided, there are few museums that can be more enjoyable or informative to go through. Make sure you head on down to Newton Street and see this incredible learning opportunity today!

Visiting the Greater Manchester Police Museum

Take the time to come down and see how the boys in blue manage to keep the streets so far for Manchester’s residents and visitors. This is based in a police station that was built in 1879, giving you a perfect chance to see how the police once would have managed to help people change their lives moving forward.

From the old Charge Offices to the Magistrates Courtroom from the late 1890s, everything that you can see here is a major part of the history and culture of a city that is so unique. With retired members of the forces delivering the speeches and the tours here, you can easily enjoy your time in the museum learning about it from those who know it best.

For more help in arranging a tour of the GMP Museum, contact us today – we can easily arrange any kind of travel you need. By offering a minibus service in Manchester that makes it very easy for you to get around the city without delay, we’ll make sure that you are always well on track regardless of what parts of the city you are trying to visit, including this wonderful part of police culture.

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