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Etihad Stadium


The Etihad Stadium

While to many football fans the main stadium in Manchester to see would be Old Trafford, home to Manchester United, The Etihad Stadium is a marvel in itself. The home of Manchester City, this city plays host to some of the finest footballers of the current era, as the continues a renaissance that few could have ever expected. Now regularly competing for top honours, a trip to the Etihad Stadium can be a wonderful way to see where all the success starts.

However, the Etihad is also used for many gigs and events, meaning it has a special place in the heart of Manchester, not just Citizens. If you would like to see the wonderful city of Manchester and all of its majesty, then you should definitely take the time to pop down to the Etihad and take a tour. If you would like to come along and see this wonderful stadium up close and get to visit the trophy room and see every part of the stadium up close, then now is the time.

Stadium tours are open to all, and we can help to arrange minibus hire in Manchester for all looking to come and visit it on a tour.

Visiting the Etihad Stadium

As part of the experience, you get to enjoy one of the finest examples of hospitality done right. City are a wonderful community club, and do rather incredible work around the city. Their stadium, though, is a stadium that is one of the most enjoyable to spend time within. The immense hospitality as well as the excellent facilities means that you can enjoy a unique and enjoyable experience starting from today.

Many football stadia provide excellent tours, but few can offer the same kind of quality and consistency on the tour itself as Manchester City and the Etihad Stadium.

Looking to either make it to a game, coming for a tour or just for a look? Then contact us today. We can make an easy plan for making sure that you can enjoy a wonderful tour experience by organizing Manchester minibus hire. We’ll make sure that you can put together one of the easiest tourist trips possible, getting you to and from the Etihad without any problems or complications.

For an easy way to enjoy the city of Manchester, you have to experience its unique attachment to sport, the Etihad included!

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