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November 5, 2014
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Cider Festival

Beer Festival

When the end of the year comes closing in, it’s hard to find a way to really know what to do next. The month of January tends to be a strange one – a little bit of a write-off for most of us – as we get used to being back to normality for the coming months.

The celebrations through October to December mean that we feel as if we had an event to attend every few days for the last few months, and this can turn January in a bit of a non-entity for most of us. Thankfully, with the help of the brilliant culture and enjoyment typically found around Manchester, this does notManchester Cider Festival need to be the case for everyone.

Indeed, with a little bit of adventure about you the city of Manchester can be just as fun from January right the way through to the next end of year celebrations! Thanks to brilliant local events like the Manchester Beer & Cider Festival, you can see everything that this brilliant city has to offer in abundance.

This festival, held at the Manchester Velodrome, is one of the most enjoyable parts of the city to visit and gives you a real taster of what the city can be about!

Great local events, acts and entertainment adorn the stages as everyone files into the Velodrome to experience some of the finest local and foreign drinks on the market at the moment. This event’s first ever partaking was in January 2014 and the 2015 event looks to be even bigger, with more than the 60,000 pulled pints expected to be seen this year.

Brought to you by the brilliant Campaign for Real Ale, this gives everyone the chance to drink the quality of beer that they deserve after a hard winter!

Mingle And Enjoy

It’s the place to be if you like to try out new drinks and mingle with the many revelers who will be joining you at the Velodrome. If you find that January tends to drag in and has very little going for it, make sure that you can enjoy the month a little better with the help of a fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable trip to the Beer & Cider festival. You’ll get to really start your year with a bang – and a hangover! It’s a brilliant place to be for anyone with a keen eye on the many different alcohols.



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