Self Drive Minibus Hire Manchester

When it comes to planning for a trip out out and making sure that you have every last little thing dealt with, one thing most of us vastly overpay for is transport. Whether its taxis or hired buses, people can find themselves paying far more than they should have to just to get quality transport. Especially when it comes to Manchester, with so many varied ways of transport and travel available to you, why would you need to pay over the odds for something that is going to be fundamental to the success of the night?

Are you considering hiring a self-drive mini bus instead of paying for the dedicated driver? You might think the savings are going to be worth it but let’s look at the reality of what you are actually paying for when you hire a self-drive minibus versus a normal chauffeured minibus service;


On average, if you were going to hire a minibus for self-driving purposes that’s got 16 seats, and is travelling around 100 miles, it would be £116 per day with a Self-Drive-Minibus-Hire-Manchesterdeposit of £250. Additionally, you’ll be paying around £35 for fuel as well for this trip. That means it’s going to cost you £151 roughly and this is ensuring that you get the thing back in 100% perfection – any damage whatsoever and you could be closer to the £400 mark! That’s a huge amount of money to fork out for travel, so looking at your options elsewhere could leave you with far more freedom.

For example, hiring the same minibus with a driver is going to be around £200. For just £49 more you can make sure that you have a professional driver who will take care of everything, leaving you to actually enjoy your trip and let loose a little. You aren’t paying much more and there’s not some huge deposit to put down either. Best of all, you aren’t paying an insane deposit fee that costs more than the service itself! This makes sure that you are able to have some fun on your day or night out, and let the driver take care of the transport side of things.

There’s no need to hire a self-drive minibus anymore, not when the prices are so negligible in difference. It can work out cheaper, safer and easier for everyone to hire a professional minibus driver.

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