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Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year

As we all know, Chinese New Year takes place at a different time from the rest of the world, and the celebrations themselves are some of the most amazing in the entire world. They take the event itself so much more seriously than other countries, giving everyone an in-depth look into just how amazing spending time at a Chinese New Year event can be.

This year, a large event is being held in Manchester and anyone who has a passing interest in Asian culture should really consider coming and checking out this amazing Chinese New Year festival!

Spread Over 3 Day’s

It’s held from the 19th February to the 22nd, giving you plenty of opportunities to just enjoy yourself and take on something a little bit different for a change. With thousands of red lanterns prepared to adorn the streets and the skies, you can expect the Year of the Ram to arrive with quite the bang in 2015!

The events that will be held throughout the city will vary quite massively, from the Wt. Ann’s Square Showcase to the Chinatown eateries that will be opening their doors for the night to provide some amazing local Chinese cuisine; you’ll find that the entire culture of Manchester will shift slightly to the East for the night!

The Whitworth Art Gallery will be playing host to some truly amazing scenes, so if you want to make the most of your time here in Manchester in late February this is a good place to get started. themed events all cross the city will be taking place during the ceremony, too, so you’ll be able to really mix and match what you will be getting upto as the night goes on!

These celebrations themselves are usually something of truly amazing quality, style and design. This ensures that you get long-term entertainment whilst also being able to spend time with those who you love most. The city itself truly does change for the Chinese New Year so if you have never experienced just how amazing this can be, you might want to make your way out in February.

It’s a truly mesmerizing subject that can make sure everyone enjoys themselves, creating a nice and balanced set of events that will make sure everyone gets to have some fun, relax and just put their feet up and let loose all of those pent-up emotions, excitement and fear!

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