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January 10, 2015
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January 10, 2015
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Beer & Cider Festival

Beer Festival

Beer & Cider Festival

Held at the end of January every year – usually from the 21st-24th – the Manchester Beer & Cider festival is one of the most events in the whole of the UK for those with a genuine passion for drinking and trying out new – local and far away – ales. The 2015 edition proves to be the most vociferous yet, so if you are looking for an easy way to connect with the community whilst getting to try out some awesome new drinks, this might just be the way to go for anyone who is in the Manchester area.

With more than 500 different beers and ciders to try, you’ll be able to get all the drink that you like throughout the entire festival and allow you to take in many new tastes and flavors. It lets you try ciders and beers you’d usually turn your nose up at, but in this environment you can really find yourself trying things you would usually have baulked at!

New bars have been added to the concourse area this year, with more than 50% of the unique beers and ciders stored in this region. You get free access to the standing area as well as thousands of seats to pick from. Food outlets will also be included, so that you don’t need to start drinking on an empty stomach!

If you want to test just how unique your tastes in alcohol are, this is the place to get started. It’s unique, it’s daring and it’s a lot of fun to be around in the long run! Entry to the event is just £6, so you can get in and enjoy so many awesome drinks without paying a penny more throughout the entire event.

Treat Yourself In January

January can be a tough month financially, so if you are looking for a way to get your January interesting this is a great way to spend the last true week of the month with some good friends, some good drinks and new experiences. If you’re a big drinker you’ll find that many of the ales on offer are extremely delicate in their flavor and style, giving you plenty to pick from in the future in terms of quality drinks that you’ll be able to fall back on for many years to come now that you have finally tried them – and enjoyed them– for the very first time ever!

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