School Sports Trips

ST Minibus Manchester isn’t exclusively for adults and for booking tours and trips. We open our doors to a variety of different purposes and one of those purposes is renting out our minibuses to schools and colleges in the area. You can rent our minibuses for different purposes including school field trips and sports trips. If your school has a team and they have to visit another school then consider us for your travel needs.


Several private schools have trusted us with their travel needs and continue to do so. We can say with pride that we’ve never School-basketballmissed a drop off or pick up time and we don’t intend to start now. We also only hire the most respectable people as we’re allowing them to represent us as a whole. All of our staff are friendly and all of our drivers are trustworthy. All of our drivers, not just the ones working with schoolchildren, are subject to a complete CRB check and we know them all personally. We can say that we know all of our employees and trust them all completely, and you can do the same. We know how much people care about their children and we would never subject them to any unnecessary danger or risk. We have minibuses that have access for disabled passengers and we’re proud to say we were chosen as one of the transport providers at the 2010 Paralympic Games.


Our drivers and services are also completely flexible. You can hire us off term time if you so wish, should the sports be taking place over the summer. You can also organise a pick up or drop off from either the school or individual homes. If you’d like the children to be dropped off or picked up from their homes then just ask and provide the driver with the addresses they need to stop at. They’ll take care of the rest and make sure that everyone is where they need to be. They can be trusted to deliver the children quickly and safely and get them home in time for tea.


Booking a minibus through ST Minibus Manchester provides you with a real sense of ease. Our buses are comfortable and the hiring process is simple. Either fill out an online form through our website or give us a call. Our minibuses are also very roomy allowing you to take all the sports equipment you might need to take. We have several buses too if the team is too big for one just one bus. All in all we provide a very safe service, and a very easy to use service that is ideal for school trips. We come from a respectable background and have a good history with all the schools we’ve worked for and we’d be proud to add your school to that list. So give us a call today and arrange travel for your schools next away game.