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Manchester International Festival


Manchester International Festival

Heading into it’s seventh year in 2015, the Manchester International Festival is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to take in one of the most enjoyable parts of the UK from a whole new perspective and style. Transforming originals works and unique attractions to bring the whole city to a standstill, this is the ideal festival for anyone who wants to witness some specially commissioned works that have been brought into the city for the 17-day period the festival is held over.

Some of the world’s finest artists come to the Manchester International Festival, from various entertainment doctrines from musicians to performers, giving you the perfect chance to enjoy yourself and take in an enjoyable performance along the way. If you find that Manchester can be a little bit dull in the summer, and you want to find something new to do around the city at this time, then this is the ideal selection for you.

The Age of Starlight is one of the biggest attractions at the moment, representing a world first show about the origins of the universe and how everything within the universe actually came to be. It’s very professionally made and has plenty of enjoyable moments in it, making it the ideal selection for anyone who wants to learn a little whilst having some great fun along the way.

The Tree Of Codes

The Tree of Codes is another big part of the festivals, as this contemporary ballet display brings people from the entire city to witness an amazing performance, which has people from all backgrounds and lifestyle involved. It’s based on the Tree of Codes by Jonathan Foer, and has been around for many years as a prominent piece of the ballet scene.

These are just two of the main events that you’ll find at the Manchester International Festival, and this isn’t even counting or looking into the huge array of different attractions, stalls, performers and freelancers that take over the city during this time of the year. If you want to see Manchester in a whole new light, there are few better times to arrive than during the International Festival.

It’s got that deep charm and passion that makes it one of the most enjoyable places to be in the UK during early-mid July, and also has that brilliant personality and open nature that makes understanding what you are actually watching even more enjoyable!



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